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COMFOLA, sister company of KIBA Remodeling, started business in 2014. We manufacture products associated with aluminum, glass, wood, and are in charge of product design at KIBA Design Studio, a further sister company. 

KIBA believes consumers have desires to feel equally comfortable outdoors enjoying fresh air in the backyard and spending time with their families as they feel indoors. In this case, a pergola is an optimal tool for backyard life. 

Pergolas are typically made of wood, which leads to wood rot; metal pergolas must still combat iron rust. KIBA steadily focused attention to these facts and continues to consider ways to use our product semi permanently, avoiding material deterioration. We had discovered aluminum pergola products were already on the market. We showed many of our customers where to purchase the product, but clients were disappointed with the quality and practicality of market-ready aluminum pergolas. We decided to design and produce aluminum pergolas ourselves at KIBA. 

COMFOLA is proud to be the best in quality and specifications of aluminum compared to any other product currently on the market. In addition, our engineers and research teams strive for continuous quality control and performance improvement. Additionally, we strive for consumer satisfaction based on knowhow and technology gained from our long-term construction experience. 

Please note since we are a manufacturer, we may custom-make and mass-produce any shape or design using aluminum, glass, or wood.

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