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Product Details

Wind Resistance : 150km/hour
Rainfall Intensity : 0.04~0.05L/S/m2
Snow Load : 150kg/ m2

Color Options

Dark Brown(with Beige canopy),

Charcoal Gray(with Gray canopy),




Frame Material : Aluminum
Side Beam : 175mm
Side Beam Thickness : 2mm
Roof Slat : 175mm
Post : 150mm x 150mm
Post Thickness : 2.2mm
Frame Finish : Professional Outdoor Powder Spraying

Size Options

118"x118" , 157"x118" , 197"x157"

Make a statement with bold architectural features while controlling light, shelter,  and shade. 

Louvered roof pergola is also known as a bioclimatic pergola. We have two  different types of louvered roof pergolas: motorized and manual. These roof  systems operate by electric remote or by hand, respectively.

Motorized Aluminum Louvered Roof Pergola with LED Light

The ability to control sun and rain is now available for your outdoor living space.  These pergolas feature automated louvers which are remotely controlled to allow  sun or shade into your space. In fact, COMFOLA technology is engineered and  built to withstand strong wind speeds. You now have the power to control the  elements and protect your space from harsh weather. 


The remote control lets you adjust the slats for partial or full protection from  elements. The LED lights on the ceiling which operate jointly with roof system will  enhance your experience. 


Our motorized louvered pergolas are made of strong extruded tempered  aluminum and come with a maintenance free powder coated finish. They are  made to withstand up to 150 kph winds and up to 150 kg per sq meter snow  loads. We offer motorized louvered roof pergolas in several stock colors, as well as  dozens of custom colors. Our tectonic arched louvers can span longer than any  other louvered roof product on the market. Our professional-grade louvered  pergolas are built to last, and whether you are a residential or commercial  customer, our louvered systems will offer years of enjoyment. We use high-quality  materials and industry-leading processes.

Opened Roof

Opened Roof

Opened Roof

Closed Roof

Manual Aluminum Louvered Roof Pergola

Our manual louvered roof pergolas are identical to the motorized louvered roof  pergolas in quality, system management…but simply operated manually by hand.

Opened Roof

Closed Roof

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