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Add functionality, beauty and protection to your pergola with our custom-made  privacy screens. Offering protection from wind, heat, and insects, privacy screens  are easily added to our pergola structures and genuinely integrated into new  wooden or metal projects. 





  • Durable Fabric : The fabric effectively resists ultraviolet rays, decay. Fabric boasts  excellent air permeability, ability to withstand time. 

  • Retractable Pergola Shade : Weather-resistant fabric shade height is easily  adjusted. Sunshade may adjust to any position and will be immediately lock in.

  • Decoration and Practicality Coexist : Applicable to our modern design pergola of  10x10ft, 10x13ft and 13x16ft, the succinctly designed filter woven fabric can easily  match the decoration of the pavilion while filtering the dazzling sunlight.

  • Easy to Install and Operate : We will provide detailed instructions and  installation videos to help guide you. No additional special rivets or welding are  required, and these may be used after installation. 

  • Peace of Mind Privacy Protection : The shadows created can be very suitable for 

  • privacy shading on balconies, pavilions, gardens, porches, and backyards.  Reminder: We advise all customers to open shutters in a vertical position and raise  the shade panels when pergola is unattended, especially in times of storms, high  winds, and snow, to avoid any damage to pergola

Motorized Side Screen

Motorized screens are a great way to add sun and insect protection, privacy, and  more to your pergola or outdoor space – all at the touch of a button. Retractable  screens can be raised and lowered to your desired position via remote control,  giving them versatility over traditional solar and insect protection solutions such  as enclosed patios and screen enclosures. One of the key components of our  motorized screens is the sidetrack retention system. Sidetracks keep the screen in  place, even in higher winds. Sidetracks also allow the sides of the screen to be  sealed off against the mounting surface to keep out bugs and reduce dust. Our screens are custom fit for each installation. 

Manual Side Screen

Our manual privacy screens are identical to the motorized privacy screens in  quality, system management…but simply operated manually by hand.

Screen Details

Material : 30% Fiberglass + 70% PVC
Hole Opening Ratio : about 2%
Weight : 660g/m2
Thickness : 1mm
UV Shading Ratio : about 98%
Fire Standards : International Standard B1 Level

Color Options

Dark Brown(with Beige screen),

Charcoal Gray(with Gray screen),

Screen Projector(with White screen)


Frame Material : Aluminum
Roller Tube Diameter/Thickness : 80mm/1.6mm
Cover Box Size/Thickness : 125mm x 125mm/1.8mm
Tow Bar Size/Thickness : 30mm x 65mm/1.5mm
Side Rail Size/Thickness : 50mm x 49mm/1.2mm

Size Options

118"x118" , 157"x118" , 197"x157"

Motorized Projector Screen

DIY THEATER. An outdoor movie theater is easier to set up than you might expect. You may also  do it relatively affordably with the COMFOLA privacy screen.