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Motorized Canopy Retractable Roof Pergola with LED Light

There are motorized and manually operated retractable roof pergolas. Retractable  pergolas comes with a canopy fabric roof cover, different from aluminum roof  pergolas.

Canopy Details

Material : 100% Solution Dyed Acrylic Fabric
Tearing Strength : Warp Yarn Torn(N) : 42, Weft Yarn Torn(N) : 42
Tensile Strength : Warp(N) : 1260, Weft(N) : 870
Water Repellency : 5 Degree
Finish : Teflon
Weight : 300g/m2
UV Resistance : 1,500+Hours

Color Options

Dark Brown(with Beige canopy)

Charcoal Gray(with Gray canopy)

Black(with Gray Canopy)

White(with Beige canopy)


Frame Material : Aluminum
Side Beam : 120mm
Side Beam Thickness : 2mm
Roof Track : 150mm x 130mm
Roof Track Thickness : 2.5mm
Post : 144mm x 102mm
Post Thickness : 2mm
Frame Finish : Professional Outdoor Powder Spraying

Size Options

118"x118" , 157"x118" , 197"x157"

High-end retractable canopy with aluminum structure.

Closed Roof

Opened Roof

Closed Roof

Opened Roof

Manual Canopy Retractable Roof Pergola

Our manual retractable roof pergolas are identical to the motorized retractable  roof pergolas in quality, system management…but simply operated manually by  hand.

Opened Roof

Closed Roof

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